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by Donkoo, 364 days ago

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Welcome to the website of DeathJesters.

DeathJesters been around since 1998 in various games mostly MMORPGS. (we started all the way back in Ultima Online)
We always have the goal to clear all the content that de developers throws at us.

Currently we are rebuilding DeathJesters again since both leaders got kids awhile back but now we are back!

We approach the game in a casual way but that doesn't mean we also approach raiding that way.
When the DeathJesters are raiding we approach it seriously and will make sure we don't waste time on unimportant stuff.

Raid times are:

Invites starts at 18.00 (SERVERTIME)
Tuesdays from 18.30 till 21.00 (SERVERTIME)
Thursday from 18.30 till 21.00 (SERVERTIME)

We will add another raid day in the future!

If you are interested to join us pst Ruadgoir / Zhihi / Arklai or make an application on our forums.
We are always looking for new active guildmembers!

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Thank you Gottentot for making this forum for our guild :D

by Ruadgoir, 364 days ago

Well the title says it all, show him some love! envy

Got this one is for you!

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